Don Hansen Appliance Repair Service

"If it can be BROKED, it can be FIXED!"

-Dick Blake

About Us

Dependable Appliance Repair Expert!

I've been "Keeping the World Safe for Dirty Laundry, Hot Food and Cold Drinks"  for over four decades. Old, maybe, but still spry!!! 

I'm a graduate of Thayer Academy, the Leland Powers School of Theater and Sylvania Technical school. 

Quick, Reliable Service

I serve the South Shore of Boston and will also venture into Dorchester, Southie, Mattapan, etc. 

I repair all makes and models EXCEPT Fisher-Paykel: That stuff doesn't deserve house room!!!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Labor is guaranteed for 30 days, parts for 1 year. (Note: Manufacturer parts warranties are 90 days at most, so I'm one heck of a sport!!!)

If you're not satisfied, CALL! I've had some people over the years say, "Oh, it didn't work after you were here a couple of years ago!" I ask, "Well, did you call and tell me?" "No"... "Er, well then how was I to know???!!!"


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Hansen Applaince Service

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Monday - Saturday, but I try to avoid Saturday!

Sunday: Closed