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"If It Can be Broked, It Can be Fixed!" Dick Blake



Washing Machine

Whether you have a top-loading or front-loading machine, frequent problems include water leaks and agitation loss due to drive belt …
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$105.00 Service Charge

Dryer: Gas and Electric

Clean the lint filter EVERY LOAD! Don't ignore bad noises: I've seen people ignore noises so long that and otherwise repairable dryer cuts …
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$105.00 Service Charge


Dishwashers are really convenient since they clean your dishes while you sit back and relax. A damaged or poorly running the dishwasher, …
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How I Work

Best Appliance Repair Expert in Braintree

I've been "Keeping the World Safe for Dirty Laundry, Hot Food, and Cold Drinks" for over four decades. old, maybe, but still spry!!! I'm a graduate of Thayer Academy, the Leland Powers School of Theater, and Sylvania Technical School. Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers... You broke it, I'll fix it! Please drop me ...

What to buy/What NOT to buy!!!

Best washer is the Speed Queen top loader WITHOUT the lid lock. ALL other top loaders stink because California has water problems, the whole country has to have lousy top loaders... Well, SQ figured, "Fine, we'll sell to the other 49!" They fill up all the way and have an agitator that actually washers the clothes! ...

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About My Working Hours

About My Working Hours

Weekdays and the occasional Saturday. Call anytime: My machine NEVER sleeps!
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Don always shows up and solves our appliance issues. Professional and reliable. 
Mar 20, 2024
Karen McGrath

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